Team Coronation Ride2Live: Meet the Captain

Team Coronation Ride2Live : Meet the Captain

In 2018 Team Coronation Ride2Live was brilliantly led by Tshepiso London Sehloho (“London”) to a Charles Milner medal. The achievement tasted all the sweeter as all 12 cyclists managed to cross the finish line as one. You can read more about the 2018 race here!

When Coronation graciously decided to sponsor another Ride2Live team to take part in this year’s Coronation Double Century  there wasn’t any doubt in our minds that London should be leading the team again!

It will be the third year running that team Coronation Ride2Live will be taking part in this gruelling road race and we caught up with London 6 weeks before the race.

Hey London, tell us a bit more about yourself and your background: My name is Tshepiso Sehloho, born and bred in Pretoria (Mabopane). I moved to Johannesburg in 2011 after completing my studies at the Tshwane University of Technology, where I completed a National Diploma and B-Tech in Electrical Engineering, I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Project Management and now furthering my studies with the University of Johannesburg (Masters in Engineering Management). I work for the biggest bulk water utility organization in Southern Africa as a Technologist. Alongside cycling and traveling, I also enjoy playing soccer and cricket.

When did the cycling bug bit you?  I only started cycling very recently in June 2017, my first race was the 2017 BestMed Cycle4Cansa (August 2017)  in Sun City, I rode the 70km one as I was not sure how capable I was at the time…. it turned out to be the longest 3 hours of my life!!!

What do you love about cycling? Cycling can be compared to life in general, cycling is a journey, cycling is a lesson on two wheels. Most of what happens in cycling can be seen happening in life. Ups and downs, giving up during a race or continuing and finishing the task at hand. Somber moments when you are dropped by a bunch and feeling alone and helpless to soldiering on, getting punctures while you are at your peak, and then off course sometimes having everything you do turning out to be one masterstroke after the other. So is life, sometimes things go your way, sometimes they don’t, so to me that’s cycling, a life lesson on two wheels.

They say its not about the bike, but we know that cyclists love their steeds – what was your first bike and what do you currently ride? My first bike was a Raleigh RC 300, I owned 2 other bikes after that, both old Trek road bikes. I’ve now upgraded to a Bianchi Sempre Pro 2018!

The inevitable question …road vs mountain bike? Although I ride both MTB and Road, I prefer road. Both are special in their own way but because I prefer speed over jumping rocks and playing in the dirt, road comes up trumps.

Who is your cycling hero?  It has to be Darryl Impey, at his age he still performs at the highest level of cycling and also defended his SA Champs title against rivals who had numbers. The man is a legend, and time and time again proves to be a team player when the team needs him most.

What is your best cycling memory? I have plenty of “best” cycling memories….its so difficult to choose, but if I were to point out a few, it would be one in 2017 when I broke into the 30km/h average on a +100km race, that was during the 2017 Satellite Classic, in the same race I came 9thin my group. The second best memory was last year at the 2018 Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, when I finally broke the Sub 3 mark after 2 attempts, the first one being in 2017 where I fell short by 5min. Then last, but obviously not least, the 2018 Coronation DC, where we started as a team and finished together to earn the Charles Milner medal.

That perfectly leads us into the next question…can you describe last year’s Coronation DC in 5 words: Tough, fun, physically demanding and adventurous!

….and in a few more words? I felt very privileged to be able to take part again, the first year we had 7 starters, in 2018 we had a full complement of 12 riders and finished together. This meant a lot to me personally as it was one of my wishes to get the Charles Milner medal, that was achieved with 12 diverse minds.

The hospitality we received last year was amazing. With all the support we received from the Coronation team, transport, accommodation, kit, nutrition etc, I said last year that I would gladly take on this daunting race again…and I’m so happy that the wish has now come true.

I previously also stated that Coronation, were indeed making dreams come true and that will be so again this year. I can’t beat some of the expressions by the guys reporting on the race last year: “It was the best event I have ever taken part in; we received the best support and assistance, including cycling outfits, supplements and accommodation. They went above and beyond what was expected. Everything was done for us as a team. I have never experienced anything like this before”;  “I got to experience a level of treatment that was beyond one of a VIP. I’m talking before, during and after the gruelling 202km race. The effort that was put in all that was evident from the day we arrived. I got to experience how it is to be properly fuelled during a race. Every time we got to the stops, we all smiled and left energised – That was priceless”

Has the preparation been going according to plan? Training is going well, most of the team members have entered popular races, including the 94.7 as part of  preparing for the unforgiving Coronation DC. Its tough balancing between work and training, but the love of cycling and also the knowledge of what awaits ahead is a much needed motivating factor.

What are you looking forward to the most in this year ….and anything you are dreading? I am looking forward to seeing the team shave off 30min from last year’s overall time. I am nervous of cramping again towards the latter part of the race!!

Finally, what do you think is needed to make cycling in SA more inclusive? I think business and government can join hands and give birth to a locally manufactured good quality openly affordable bike, be it MTB or Road. The biggest challenge that I see in cycling is the expense that a quality new bike comes with; even used bikes don’t come cheap, so if we have locally manufactured racing bikes then probably the price for a “starter pack” would be more inclusive and also lead to job creation.

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