Team INSPiRE. More Than Sport

Team INSPIRE. More Than Sport

With a collective racing palmares that is sure to strike fear into the heart of many a South African racing cyclist, Team INSPIRE is certainly an outfit to be reckoned with. Comprising of Stephen Cooke, Trevor Davies, Paul Klimczak, Mike Hewan, Greef Moolman and Franco Ferreira, the Johannesburg-based team is a useful blend of grimpeur and sprinter, experience and enthusiasm. Yes, Team INSPIRE certainly dominates the local peloton with such a stellar lineup.

But there is more to Team INSPIRE than breakaways, echelons and souplesse. Sure, cycling is what unites this crew but they certainly give credence to the term “the bigger picture.” This is because Team INSPIRE’s mission is actually to inspire, particularly the underprivileged. Community projects are their focus, using sport as a vehicle for creating sustainable and positive change.

A registered Non-Profit Company, INSPIRE continues to pursue this ideal through the following authentic projects:

It’s BIN Redirected

What do you with used cycling kit and equipment? This was the very question that the INSPIRE team asked themselves, which set into motion It’s BIN Redirected. Instead of seeing a bin as simply a trash can, It’s BIN Redirected has found a new use for this object. Through a strategically developed network of bicycle shops in the Gauteng area, It’s BIN Redirected sees cycling kit and equipment dropped of at these locations for donation to the needy communities.

Legadima Project

Legadima Cycling is dedicated to achieving change through cycling. Located in the Zandspruit area, Legadima is a cycling club providing training and racing opportunities for cyclists of all levels. INSPIRE partners these folks through its Legadima Project, building and restoring a club house, providing donations of cycling kit and equipment, as well as converting a garage into a workshop.

Mentorship and Life Coaching Project

What is your true passion upon leaving school? This is the question in the minds of many matriculants entering the wide world post-school. INSPIRE’s mentoring project aims to provide the answer to this often-asked question through an intensive 10-week course. Aimed at creating self-awareness and confidence amongst black female matriculants, this project provides the ideal stepping stone to further work and study.

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