We are part of the Electric Ink Media Group and realised that there is not only a need to provide more media coverage of our best development cyclists and academies, but also to help you make it easier to make a difference in their lives. South Africans are generally incredibly generous and want to see others succeed, but don’t always know where and how to support….we are here to bridge that gap and ultimately help in a small way to unearth and support our next Nicholoas Dlamini, Songezo Jim or Philimon Sebona.


  • Limited awareness about development initiatives creates a need for a platform telling inspiring stories of how cycling changes lives
  • One central platform connecting various initiatives to increase funding & activity in development cycling
  • A shared passion for riding breaks down barriers & makes cycling more accessible
  • Develops future leaders by connecting talented development riders to mentors

“The idea is not to make a single brand the hero. Create heroes through a collective effort with everyone doing their bit.”

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