Bayethe Luzuko, Bayethe young Lion

Bayethe Luzuko, Bayethe young Lion.

Luzuko Gagule we salute your life, young lion!

We were completely left in shock when Will Bennet of Bayethe Multisport Academy reached out to tell us about the untimely passing of Luzuko a couple of weeks ago. It was less than a month prior to that, that we hosted Luzuko and a number of his team mates at the Race2Stanford triathlon and where this amazing shot was taken – Luzuko absolutely beaming!

Before and after the race Luzoko and his team mates inspired us with their positivity and massive smiles! They certainly left an impression on everyone. Will Bennet has been working incredibly hard for a long time, to give these youngsters opportunities to race. Little were we to know that this would be Luzuko’s last race….a real privilege to have played an incredibly small part in providing this young gentleman some joy. A reminder to us all of how brittle life is… his beautiful smile will live on in our hearts though.

We asked Will to share some thoughts in memory of Luzuko:

“Luzuko was very committed in his school work and has his mothers support on and off the bike especially in his Triathlon endeavours as its keeping him away from the factors of life in Kwa Nonqaba such as access to Drugs and Alcohol.

A humble young man with full of respect for people from all walks of life regardless of anything. He enjoyed being part of the Team, in his own words, the Team Spirit brings the best out of him. He enjoyed his last race to the fullest in Hermanus when the Team participated at Race2Stanford as if he knew that it was his last race. Man, Luzuko had such a Ball at the race and l am honestly grateful to you for this. You can see his smile in the pictures.”

Name: Luzuko Gagule
School: Hill Crest Senior Secondary School
Grade: 12 {Cpmpleted 2020}
Age: 19
Area: Mossel Bay
Club: Bayethe Multisport – click for Backabuddy donations
Family Structure: Single Mother, unemployed
Father passed away in 2011 due to short illness. He, his sister & his mother is being financially supported by his eldest brother that is employed (whose job in the entertainment industry is unsure given impact of Covid).
Siblings: Brother 26 yrs and Sister 23 yrs old)
Goals and Ambitions:
• Aspire to be an Attorney
• Pro Cyclist
• Start a family
Last race:
Race2Stanford – 24 April 2021.

He was one of rising athletes and we signed up when he was 16, and he passed on due to a very short illness, on his time of passing Luzuko was 20 years old. His loss has impacted all of us in the Academy tremendously. 

Luzuko Gagule may your young soul rest easy, we will honor your name and we will miss your humble soul in the Academy. To the Gagule family, we grieve with you, may you all find strength in this darkest hour.

We will provide comfort to the rest of the boys, we have such a special group that’s so close to one another and treat each other like brothers, they are torn to pieces by this loss.

Bayethe Luzuko, Bayethe young Lion!” Ride2Live and Electric Ink sends our heartfelt and sincerest condolences to Luzuko’s team mates, his family and friends. May you forever be inspired by this young man with the beautiful smile!

If you wish to support the incredible Bayethe Multisport Academy in raising the next generation of cyclists and triathletes in memory of Luzuko please donate  directly to them on their backabuddy page –  . If you wish to support the Gagule family financially please  add the reference “Luzuko Family” to your donation.