African Icons: Making a Difference

The African Icons Invitational Cycling Event

Rory Steyn has worn several hats over the years. While the former policeman is probably best known for being one of the late Nelson Mandela’s protection team leaders, Rory has also acted as a security advisor for a host of other sporting greats and luminaries, including the All Blacks. Throw in his love of sport and Rory is still as fit as a fiddle, what with his holding a Comrades Marathon Green Number, completing many a mountain bike stage race and participating in touch rugby tournaments. But perhaps lesser known is his sense of community, such as his involvement with The African Icons Invitational Cycling Event.

‘I really want to give back in my own small way,’ says Rory. ‘And The African Icons Invitational Cycling Event is a great way of doing just that. Nelson Mandela always said that we as citizens have a role to play in creating a better world for our children and NSA Global have decided to do our bit to live up to his wise words. We want to help improve the lives of the women and children of slain police officers, something which is far to common in South Africa. And being an ex-policeman, this cause is very close to my heart.’

Rory, along with a few dozen fellow cyclists, will make the journey from Port Elizabeth to Botrivier from 30 September to 5 October. Their mission will be to raise funds for the SA Police Service Education Trust and Widow and the Orphans Fund. Sporting luminaries such as Joel Stransky, Graeme Smith, Bruce Fordyce, Sanani Mangasi and Steve Waugh have all confirmed their participation and will also serve as after-dinner speakers in each of the host towns en route.

So how can one get involved in this most genuine of causes?

‘Sign up and enter is the best way,’ enthuses Rory. ‘But we realise that this is not possible for everybody, especially considering the African Icons is limited to 30 riders. Sponsoring an entry is another option as there are several deserving cyclists out there without the necessary means to be on the start line. Otherwise, a monetary donation can be made, which would help our two worthy causes immensely.’

The African Icons Invitational 2018




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