Head over to our dedicated #RIDEWITHME CAMPAIGN page to see how you can help make a direct impact in the life of some of South Africa’s best young township-based racing cyclists.

During 2020 we managed to support more than 10 development academies with your donations at our dedicated partner stores; donations included bicycles, helmets, cycling shoes, cycling clothing, tyres, tubes and cycle trainers & bike racks!

For 2021 we will continue our collections and especially call on you to donate smart cycle trainers as we have exciting plans in this field.

The #ridewithme campaign is proudly supported by Coronation Fund managers. Please see some of our 2020 highlights below:

What is the RIDE2LIVE development platform?

A central, multi media platform connecting development riders and initiatives with individuals, corporates & brands that are able to make a positive contribution – with the ultimate aim being to make cycling more accessible.


  • Limited awareness about development initiatives creates a need for a platform telling inspiring stories of how cycling changes lives
  • One central platform connecting various initiatives to increase funding & activity in development cycling
  • A shared passion for riding breaks down barriers & makes cycling more accessible
  • Develops future leaders by connecting talented development riders to mentors


Often people want to make a difference but don’t know where to start – at Ride2Live we try to bridge this gap! Apart from our dedicated #ridewithme campaign we also provide a general list of all cycling stores in SA accepting gear donations.

Make a difference and donate gear & equipment at your local cycling store here!

Do you have any old, but good quality, cycling kit? Thinking about what to do with unused cycling equipment? There is always someone out there who could do with your donations.

Scroll through our growing directory of bike shops nationwide who accept kit and equipment donations for passing on to the underprivileged.



      We are proud to have partnered with the National Cycling Academy Forum (NCAF) to highlight and promote the development academies forming part of this organised body. Simply visit our Cycling Academy page to find your nearest academy to support.

      Non-profit organisations are there for a reason, their primary focus being both social and community. Generally operating independently of local or national government, these organisations rely on public support and donations to keep their cause up and running.


      Don’t know what to do with your unwanted cycling kit? Why not use it for the greater good, and drop it off at your local cycling store, that supports development cycling? We have created an easy to use Bike Shop Directory, where you can find your nearest store accepting kit & gear donations.

      Several individuals and groups have a strong sense of community and empowerment. Enter a myriad of cycling-orientated organisations both big and small, with a common cause of doing good in order to inspire personal growth in underprivileged communities through two-wheels.

      Whether elite or recreational, competitive or social, the sport of cycling is a great advertisement for team spirit. There are few things more rewarding than working towards a common goal, be it victory on the international stage or coming together to break through athletic barriers.

      Whilst a youngster dreams of sporting glory, very few realise this dream. And this is compounded for those without the means to show their talent. Whilst a humble background is often a precursor to two-wheeled success, aspirant cycling champions need support across a range of levels.