Non-profit organisations are there for a reason, their primary focus being both social and community. Generally operating independently of local or national government, these organisations rely on public support and donations to keep their cause up and running.


Several individuals and groups have a strong sense of community and empowerment. Enter a myriad of cycling-orientated organisations both big and small, with a common cause of doing good in order to inspire personal growth in underprivileged communities through two-wheels.


Whether elite or recreational, competitive or social, the sport of cycling is a great advertisement for team spirit. There are few things more rewarding than working towards a common goal, be it victory on the international stage or coming together to break through athletic barriers.


Whilst a youngster dreams of sporting glory, very few realise this dream. And this is compounded for those without the means to show their talent. Whilst a humble background is often a precursor to two-wheeled success, aspirant cycling champions need support across a range of levels.